Battlefrog Chicago 2016

This year, the Chicago venue was at a different location and while the drive was a little longer, the event was still top notch!  We had virtually the same fire department team as last year with one member not being able to join us and a new member being part of a great group.  We had another great year kicking butt on this course and currently am paying for it with a little soreness.

I get that each city has it’s own different events due to terrain, location, and availability but I was happy to see this year was at the Cliff’s Insane Terrain Offroad Park.  I’ve been there a few times to go Jeeping so I kind of knew what the terrain was going to be like.  Getting there took a couple of hours but once there, the parking was easy and plentiful and the whole event was visible from the lot to get you excited.  Registration was a piece of cake too with boards out near the entrance with a list of each category race and your preassigned bib number.

There were plenty of things to see and do before getting in line for the assigned waves with a stocked merchandise area with plenty of clothes and gear, a food/beer section, a few vendors, and a bag check area.

Battlefrog does a great job of getting you excited for a race with inspirational music, a fired up motivational speaker (Coach Pain DeWayne), and a cool send off.  Our wave was 8:30am which is one of the first waves to take off though after heavy rains overnight, the course was still muddy!

I love the motivation that Coach Pain starts each wave off with by getting on a knee and thanking those that come before you.  He also breaks each wave into a couple of smaller groups that take off about 30 seconds in between so not to congest the obstacles.  The course this year was a little different than last year with some pretty good changes:

  • Platinum Rig was at the end instead of beginning
  • No big hill climb to start out destroying the legs
  • Jerry can carry was only 1 instead of two and a little shorter carry
  • Open water swim was much shorter and cooler
  • Pallet carry was fun
  • Lots more mud and water crossings
  • Better marked course with a bunch of hill climbs/descents
  • Climb and waterslide into a mud pool
  • Rock carry

I was pretty darn happy with this years event and can see why Battlefrog is becoming a top OCR racing event.  I can finally say that I finished the course with a decent time and destroyed the Platinum Rig in one shot!  There seemed to be a lot more cameras out on the course to capture us in action with some great volunteers throughout keeping you motivated.  I wore my Reebok Spartan shoes and can happily say that they were the best shoes I’ve worn on an OCR course.  They drained well and gave me incredible grip on the slick course.  It’s also nice to have a hose off area and tented changing area to get out of your brutally smelling clothes.





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