Running week of July 18-24

This week was all about the heat!  Intense 90 degree heat with brutal humidity sure makes it hard to train properly for my upcoming races.  For the most part I have been training for my first marathon.  That being the Chicago Marathon on October 9th but I have a ton of races leading up to it.  I think the long training runs are definitely helping with my shorter races.  Before I hit those 26.2 miles, I still have the Ram Racing BTN 10K on August 6th, the Ram Racing Rock the Night 5K on August 26th, which I’m pretty excited about and have trained pretty hard to PR, the Ram Racing Mag Mile Half Marathon on September 10th, the Chicago GoRuck Light on September 10th, the 9/11 Heroes Run on September 11th, and finally the Golden Leaf Half Marathon a couple of weeks before Chicago.  I guess that’s a pretty full plate but hey, I’m trying to catch up to my lack of running in my early years!

Monday July 18
This week started out with brutally hot weather and the rest of the week only got worse.  I was hoping to get a few of the runs downtown Chicago along the lakefront so I could jump in after the run was over!  I just couldn’t work out my schedule and had to settle for my neighborhood trails.  I ran just over 3 miles for a recovery run and my legs feel super strong for these short runs!
7-18-16 (4).JPG

Tuesday July 19
On duty once again for my speedwork on the treadmill.  It’s been a tough week of heat and sweating but these track days are much more tolerable inside.  I’m really liking the different types of workouts on this marathon plan and I think these speed bursts are going to definitely help me with my upcoming 5k and 10k races.  (Ram Racing BTN 10K and the Rock the Night 5k).  If you’re registering for those races, use the codes BibRaveBTN and BibRaveRTN to get a free headband!

Wednesday July 20
Once again, another sunny beautiful day in hell for a scheduled 4 mile run.  I ran in the Saucony Zealots only because they really fit my foot the best out of all of my shoes.  It was definitely hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk.  All it needed was a little Frank’s Hot Sauce and it would have been perfect!  I did run into another runner on the trail as I was “selfying” and it was the first time that ever happened.  They just smiled and kept on going.  A little embarrassment never hurt anyone right?
7-20-16 (12).JPG

Thursday July 21
I’m glad that this wasn’t a long run day because this unbearable heat would have done me in.  So, off to the local high school track to run some sprints and speedwork.  The 100 meter strides were pretty easy and went by quickly.  The 1200 meter strides were a little tough by set 4 but still manageable.  Finishing off with the 100 meter strides again wasn’t bad but I could tell that I was fatigued.  Luckily for me, the high school football practice just ended and the trainers left the water coolers out for me!  I’m sure they didn’t mind me refilling my water bottle a few times.  It’s better than having to do CPR on me on their track.
7-21-16 (10).JPG

Friday July 22
I took a rest before my Saturday long run and since I was on duty, I only stretched a bit and tried my best to hydrate throughout the day.  It was brutally hot out and a retired firefighter stopped by to bring us some Gatorades to ensure we kept hydrated and up with our electrolytes.

Saturday July 23
Let’s just say that this was my long run for the day and super hot humid weather dehydrated me.  I just got off of work and started my run around 8:30am and well after the early morning cooler temps.  I had my water with me, but not nearly what I needed for the duration and distance.  I used my Orange Mud HydraQuiver and most definitely needed a double barrel.  This heat just absolutely drains you 10 times faster than normal temperatures.  I ended up running 12 miles in my Saucony Zealots.  The shoe feels great on my feet for longer runs but the dehydration made my legs feel heavy.  I was noticeably slower and started to not sweat so I knew I had to be careful.  Luckily I was able to refill my water at the Savannah drinking fountain.  My legs only felt a little tired throughout the rest of the day but truly not as bad as I anticipated.
7-23-16 (5).JPG

Sunday July 23
I did nothing this Sunday.  Absolutely nothing.  And I loved it.  I actually did go out to find some trail racing shoes for Colorado and found some great Columbia shoes for a huge discount at the outlet near my house.  They felt great and light and will be perfect for the singletrack trails up/down the Aspen mountains.


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