Staying a positive person

While I’m not certain about my future in running after scheduling my surgery on November 29th, I will be positive and strive to get back to the sport that has given me so much.  Over the last couple of months, I’ve been going back and forth with different tests and physician opinions on what is going on inside my right leg.  I’ve had the manual tests, the MRI, and the Dynamic Ultrasound that finally showed I had a complete tear of the quad tendon superior to my patella with a small bone fragment broken off.  The odd part is that it doesn’t really hurt to walk on it or do any of my daily activities.  What does hurt is climbing ladders (part of being a firefighter) and trying to get back up after squatting.  I physically cannot get back up without assistance or grabbing something to pull me up.  Yesterday, a reputable orthopedic surgeon called me to say after discussing the ultrasound results with his team, surgery was the only viable option to get this fixed.  I was told that on flexion, there is a split and tear in the quad tendon that needs to be sutured and anchored to the bone with screws.  Not the news I was hoping for but nonetheless, deep down, I knew I needed to just get it done and move on.

For the first month, I’ll be immobilized at zero degrees with no flexion to allow it to heal properly.  Then, for the next month or so, I will be in physical therapy to increase flexion gradually in increments.  I’ll probably go stir crazy but more intent on rehabbing properly so I can get back out there and race again.  I’m being optimistic about running the Illinois Marathon in April and the Chicago Marathon in October.  What I’m not sure about is continuing in the OCR races like Spartan.  I get that I’m not young anymore, but I am still quite active and you are only as young as you feel.

Thank you to those who have supported me and have messaged me.  I am just floored by the kindness of people who share a similar passion.  I have met many of you and cannot wait to meet more of you at races!  I’ll be leaning on a couple of you during my 2+ months of not running just to hear a friendly voice!

What do you do to keep positive every day?

Have you had a debilitating injury?

What are you grateful for?

3 Comments on “Staying a positive person

  1. Oh goodness, Frank, so sorry to hear that your injury is so severe. But SO glad that you are doing what is necessary to take care of you. Amazing that medical advancements make it so you can hope to run a marathon in a few months after a leg surgery! Happy healing. I will pray for your surgery to go well! ❤

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